Airmaster Tapes - Adhesive Tape Manufacturers in UAE

Advance Packaging & Adhesive L.L.C (best tape manufacturers in uae) specialized in the manufacturing and supply of Adhesive Tapes in UAE for the HVAC & packaging industry along with insulation material and ducting accessories. We offer customized printing solutions for some of our products like Carry handle and Surface Protection tapes. Our products are not just strong; they are beyond strong!


Our Products includes Aluminium Foil Tape, PVC Pipe Wrapping Tape, Surface Protection Tape, Bopp Tape, Warning Tape, Singleside Foam Tape, Semi Rigid Aluminium Duct, Polyester Tape, Masking Tape, Foam Tapes, Flexible Duct Connector, Flexible Duct, Duct Tape, Duct Cloth Tape, Double Side Tissue Tape, Double Side Foam Tape, Canvas Duct Coat, Double Side Film Tape, Acrylic Duct Sealent, Detectable Warning Tape, Carry Handle Tape, Synthetic Bond Adhesive, Airmaster Rubber Insulation

Decades of Experience

Over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Why Advance Packaging

Advance Packaging & Adhesive LLC is our newly developed Tape manufacturing division to add a new range of product value in ‘air master’ brand.

Excellent Customer Service

We are committed to provide the superior quality products and services to our customers.

Our Vision

To be a world class manufacturing company whose brand and quality is accepted as a benchmark in the industry. To maintain market presence and expand business operations inorder to meet the regional and global demands.

Our Products

Our success depends substantially on the quality of our Adhesive & HVAC products and services. Quality plays an outstanding role within the scope of International competitions for the better product and a more favorably priced range of products.  We are well known as masking tape suppliersduct tape suppliersrubber insulation suppliers, adhesive tape manufacturers and adhesive tapes suppliers   all over Dubai, UAE

Duct Tape
Duct Tape

Duct Tape are Surface Protection Tape which are Polyethylene-coated cloth tapes. These tapes are durable and used for a very wide range of applications.

Airmaster Rubber Insulation (NBR)
Rubber Insulation (NBR)

NBR is used to slow down heat transmission and control condensation from chilled-water and refrigeration systems when humid air is in contact with it.

Surface Protection Tape
Surface Protection Tape

Used for  temporary protection of any kind of metal surface during  processing, assembling, storage or transport which can  easily peel off without residue.

Bopp Tape
Bopp Tape

Bopp Tape is high quality sealing tape with self adhesive coating, available as plain, colored and printed. It has maximum peel strength which makes it hold heavy cartons.