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Airmaster Adhesive Tapes

Advance Packaging & Adhesive LLC is Tape manufacturing division under ‘air master’ brand with 14 years of extensive experience in Packaging & Adhesives Product manufacturing in UAE. Advance Packaging & Adhesive is pleased to offer our valued customers an extensive selection of high-performance pressure sensitive tapes suitable for most demanding dynamic and static applications including bonding, bundling, damping, enhancing, protecting, reinforcing, shielding, masking and splicing.

Airmaster Equipments Emirates LLC Ajman UAE was established in 1987 as a cost effective alternate to other major manufacturers of central air-conditioning outlets like Grills, Registers, Diffusers, Louvers and ducting accessories like Volume Control Dampers, Plenum Boxes, Access doors, Flexible ducts, Silencers etc. We are a well established company completing 22 years and ‘air master’ products are well known and approved by most of the leading consultants in UAE and the Middle East.

As a single source supplier for a wide range of air out lets, air master has demonstrated its ability which is translated in to patronage of its products by valued customers. We are proud of the progress we have made, and pledge a continuation of our performance. Our steady growth over the year is testimony to the quality of our products and services to suit the customer needs. Being one of the leading and successful manufacturers, Our mission is to enhance our activities to serve the industry and its customer in many ways.

Our products are Aluminium Foil Tape, PVC Pipe Wrapping Tape, Surface Protection Tape, Bopp Tape, Warning Tape , Singleside Foam Tape, Semi Rigid Aluminium Duct, Polyester Tape, Masking Tape, Foam Tapes, Flexible Duct Connector, Flexible Duct, Duct Tape, Double Side Tissue Tape , Double Side Foam Tape, Canvas Duct Coat, Double Side Film Tape, Acrylic Duct Sealant, Detectable Warning Tape, Carry Handle Tape, Synthetic Bond Adhesive and Airmaster Rubber Insulation

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Quality System

Advance Packaging & Adhesive L.L.C is committed to provide total customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and service confirming customer’s specific requirements by doing it right first time, every time. Our success depends substantially on the quality of its products and services.

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Around the world

With Sales and Business Operations in all G.C.C countries and manufacturing facilities in Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi in India, Air master does its best to meet the growing demands of the region.

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To be a world class manufacturing company whose brand and quality is accepted as a benchmark in the industry. To maintain market presence and expand business operations inorder to meet the regional and global demands.

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