Surface Protection Tape

Surface Protection tape is widely used for the temporary protection of any kind of metal surface during metal processing, assembling, storage or transport. They exhibits a good balance between a perfect adhesion during the appliction and an easy peel off without residue on the applied surface. The product is useful for temporary protection on surface like coated metal, Glossy finish, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Anodized Aluminium, Composite Panels, Kynar/Powder coated/Painted surfaces & Acrylic, Poly Carbonate Sheets.

Surface Protection Tape is used to protect surfaces from scratches, dust or any dirt. It will leave no adhesive residue until 2 years. Surface Protection Tapes are available in different colors such as  Transparent ,black/black , Black/White, Trans Blue with thickness of  50 Micron & above. It comes with a width of  100 mm to 2000 mm and length of  1000 mtr to 1250 mtr.

WIDTH 100 mm. to 2000 mm.
LENGTH 1000 mtr. to 1250 mtr.
THICKNESS 50 Micron & above
COLOURS Transparant ,black/black , Black/White, Trans Blue


Protection Tape

Date published

March 4, 2018