Aluminium Foil Tape

Aluminium foil tapes are used on seams and joints of fiberglass and Aluminium backed duct board. Coated with a rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive, they provide an excellent barrier to vapor and conform to irregular surfaces. Aluminium foil tape may be used for shielding and covering thermal insulation. Aluminium Alloy Foil Tape with a pressure-sensitive adhesive and paper liner. The aggressive rubber adhesive sticks well to most surfaces and the paper liner makes for convenient and reliable use. Aluminium foil tape with liner is good for sealing joints/seams against moisture and vapor on foil jacketing insulation. It is also suitable for much other sealing, holding, splicing or masking applications requiring the protection offered by a foil backing.



  • Low moisture content of these products makes these tapes as a good sealant.
  • Aluminium foil backing  gives an excellent reflection of both heat and light
  • The Aggressive Hot melt adhesives offer for long serviceable life in outdoor as well as a high humid atmosphere.
  • Suitable as a masking in electroplating of Aluminium due to its non contamination properties
  • Best Result Obtained when its applied to clean and dry surface
  • With Silicone Liner, Easy Application
  • Good Moisture & Fire Resistance
  • Good Temperature & Aging Resistance


  • Water Proof
  • Antistatic
  • Heat Resistant
  • Backing Material: Dead Soft Aluminium Foil


  • Lamination for air conditioning ducting systems
  • Roofing Application like flashing, joints and insulations
  • Duct sealing  and joining for refrigerator and an excellent barrier to vapor
  • General purpose holding, patching sealing applications-indoor and outdoor


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