Bopp Tape

Bopp Tape from Airmaster Tape who is Packaging Tape Manufacturers UAE is a superior quality Carton Sealing Tape, with specially developed self adhesive coating, available with plain, coloured and printed. The tape exhibits maximum peel strength on the applied surfaces and can hold heavy cartons. The product is useful for custom made Carton Sealing, Packing, Labeling, and bundling the product. Bopp tape is Suitable to use with automatic packing machines and manual dispensers.


Airmaster Tapes is one of the best Adhesive & Packaging Tape Manufacturers UAE who provides best quality products. Advance packaging and adhesives, is one of the few adhesive tape manufacturers in the region offering an extensive selection of high performance pressure sensitive tapes suitable for the most demanding dynamic and static applications including bonding , bundling, damping, enhancing, protecting, reinforcing, shielding, masking and splicing. For More details please visit Advance Packaging & Adhesive L.L.C

1” 100 YDS 72
2” 100 YDS 36
3” 100 YDS 24
2” 100 YDS 06


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