IXPE Foam Tape

A closed cell Irradiation PE Polyolefin foam tape are used in application such as Gasket and sealing ,Its positive Characteristic include , excellent resistance to acid, alkali also Good water seal under low compression and will operate at intermittent temperature up to 176 °F,



General application tape that provides a tight, long –lasting seal against moisture, dust and air leaks. Also cushions and dampens noise and vibrations. Can be used for gasketing and weather proofing doors and windows. Resistant to acids. Foam Tape is recommended for applications with service temperatures ranging from -40°F (-40°C) to +200°F (+93°C). The product is used to retard heat gain/loss on below-ambient to medium hot applications. It is ideal for insulating short runs of pipes or valves and fittings where it is impractical to install tubing insulation. The tape can be applied in multiple layers to meet various service conditions. . It is not recommended for use with heat trace tapes for freeze protection applications.


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